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Jan 13, 2013 6:00am EST
in afghanistan? thank you. >> the interment of the -- environment of the narcotrafficker forces in uncertainty. when they raise an orchard or vineyard and turns it into a poppy field -- when he is not sure what is learned happened to him or his family, they turn to narcotics. it takes three months to grow it. it does not need refrigeration or economic integration, nothing. if we see an increased degree of uncertainty, we would probably see more poppy cultivation. it would be listed economic activities. -- illicit economic activities. the leadership [indiscernible] in the areas where the economy is thriving, we have seen a reduction of narcotics and cultivation of the poppy. in areas where we see most of the fighting, that is where most of the poppies are grown. >> let me close with a final question. jim used a number of statistics. one that struck me is i have the right to a 52% of the afghan population thought the country is going on in the right direction. my question to each of you, what is your view? is the country going in the right direction and are you optimistic or pessimistic as we lo
Jan 6, 2013 6:00am EST
in a different environment. i believe we want to create a level of comfort that we're doing things on both ends. if you are comfortable, i would like you to discuss it. >> at the outset, every refugee is subject to the consulate lookout check. there is information that might be in that cls check that could give us a security adviser opinion. that has holdings in various intelligence agencies that would indicate a more rigorous examination of their background. security advisory opinion check is run on other applicants and that is what we would nude -- would need to talk about in a classified setting. it is one that is run on many refugees but not all and gives us additional information if there is derogatory information. >> what do we know about an applicant's? this is one thing i struggle with his understanding the predicate knowledge about someone may come from -- how do i distinguish when i go back with people who have worked with our government over a period of time and there's already a relationship and i know the dod will talk about individuals and of firm that had participated with this p
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2